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Am I Fetch?

birthday. September 15th 1992
age. 12
location. Michigan
status. Single
hobbies. dancing, cheerleading, and hanging out with my friends

color. Pink
tv show. The Look for Less
band/singers. Avril Lavigne is one of my favorites
actor. Robert DeNiro
actress. Judy Garland and Naomi Watts (in The Ring)
movie*s*. Save the Last Dance, Center Stage,The Ring and Mean Girls
song*s*. Broken, Nobody's Home, and A Decade Under the Influence
quote. "Put the names of people you love in a circle not a heart because hearts can break but circles go on forever."
store*s*. Abercrombie, Hollister, Victoria's Secret
places to hang out. The mall and at friends houses
character from mean girls. Regina George is the best

||*Your opinion of*||
Laguna Beach. I don't really watch it, but I saw some episodes. It's not my favorite show but I don't hate it.
The OC. Very dramatic and I love Mischa Barton
School. You need it, but it adds drama to your life.
ex boyfriends. Never take them back
plastic surgery. Your beautiful the way you are. And it's your decision only, not somebody elses. If you want it done, have it done.
abortion. You should care for the life you brought into this world but again, it's your choice.
gay marriage. Gay marriages are fine with me, if you're happy with someone then you're happy with them and so it should be.
the election. I personally don't like Bush but I don't like Kerry that much either.

Have you cheated on someone? Nope
Have you been cheated on? No
who is your role model? My role model is Judy Garland for being a dancer and being on Broadway.
Who do you consider *pretty*? (Someone other than yourself, post a picture. Friend, family member, celebrity) I consider Mischa Barton *pretty* because she is dainty & simple but at the same time sexy & gorgeous.

||*Promote in at least 2 places post the links*||

||*at least 3 clear pics of yourself*||

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