Were all the Whores♥ (xxnickiyxx) wrote in xtheplastics,
Were all the Whores♥

am i fetch?

location.New York
status. single
hobbies. shopping

tv show. Laguna Beach
band/singers. Lostprophets, Michelle Branch, Paris Hilton
actor. Brad Pitt
actress. Lindsay Lohan
movie*s*. Mean Girls
song*s*. Since u been Gone
quote. Life is a fashion show
store*s*. hollister, abercrombie
places to hang out. coffie shop, my bonfire pit, and friends houses
character from mean girls. Regina

||*Your opinion of*||
Laguna Beach.
My fav show!!!!!
The OC. its ok i havent really watched it lately
School. yuck !!! i only like to see my friends
ex boyfriends. there ok ....i guess
plastic surgery. maby i havent decided
abortion. NOOOO!!!!
gay marriage.nope  not my style
the election.i didnt bother....

Have you cheated on someone?
Have you been cheated on? no because i would never go out with anybody that would cheat
who is your role model?Paris hilton
Who do you consider *pretty*? (Someone other than yourself, post a picture. Friend, family member, celebrity)

||*Promote in at least 2 places post the links*||



||*at least 3 clear pics of yourself*||


*sry my pictures arent that clear i dont have a digital camera yet :-(

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