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Am I Fetch?


Name. Bethany
birthday. july first 1986
age. 19
location. mitchell,sd
status. living with my boyfriend
hobbies.driving around, listening to music, hanging out with friends

color. silver, pink and black
tv show. days of our lives, passions
band/singers. jack off jill,kmfdm,mindless self indulgence, peaches, the doors,scarling,psychopathic records, dance music/techno
actor.jensen ackles, michael pitt
actress. dominque swain, angelina jolie
movie*s*. wonderland,the doors,gia, ALL horror and ofcourse mean girls
song*s*. waaaaaay too many
quote. why worry about snakes in the garden when youve got spiders in your bed
store*s*. shock, its not a chain store so i doubt barely anybodies heard of it
places to hang out. with friends, cemetaries
character from mean girls. gretchen WEINERS :)

||*Your opinion of*||
Laguna Beach. what?
The OC.never got into it
School. i liked it, everyone hated me
ex boyfriends. they suck
plastic surgery. if it makes you feel better, go for it
abortion. if a girl was raped, then its alright
gay marriage. love is love, you cant help your feelings whether its a male or female
the election. aslong as were in good hands its alright, but right now, were obviously not, so it blows

Have you cheated on someone? only because i was cheated on first by him
Have you been cheated on? yes
who is your role model? jim morrison :)
Who do you consider *pretty*? (Someone other than yourself, post a picture. Friend, family member, celebrity)

dominque swain and courtney love

||*Promote in at least 2 places post the links*||



||*at least 3 clear pics of yourself*||

sorry if i posted too many pix...

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