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Name. Katelynn
birthday. april 26
age. 15
location. florida
status. single
hobbies. music, hanging out, shopping, anything fashion or boys, etc etc

color. pink
tv show. the o.c.
band/singers. beyonce
actor. adam brody
actress. jessica alba
movie*s*. honey, dukes of hazard, coach carter, the notebook
song*s*. anything that doesnt suck
quote. theres a thirty percent chance its not already raining
store*s*. pacsun, rave, bodyshop, almost anything designer
places to hang out. the movies, friends houses, the park, wherever something fun is going on
character from mean girls. karen

||*Your opinion of*||
Laguna Beach. i love it-cant wait til next season!
The OC. once again i love the show! adam brody is soo hot!
School. i love some of the people but i hate the schoolwork and i dont like some people there.
ex boyfriends. theyre ok
plastic surgery. if you need it ok but i wouldnt get it-its kinda gross
abortion. its completely wrong-its murder!
gay marriage. against
the election. umm which one?

Have you cheated on someone? no
Have you been cheated on? no
who is your role model? jessica alba, beyonce, tyra banks
Who do you consider *pretty*? (Someone other than yourself, post a picture. Friend, family member, celebrity)

jessica alba-

||*Promote in at least 2 places post the links*||


||*at least 3 clear pics of yourself*||

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