x3shay (x3shay) wrote in xtheplastics,

Am I Fetch ?

Name. Shayna
birthday. January 19th
age. 13
location. massachusetts
status. taken <3
hobbies. fieldhockey, dance

color. pink
tv show. Boy Meets World and 7th heaven
band/singers. i love jessica simpson
actor. josh hartnett
actress. julia roberts
movie*s*. THE NOTEBOOK!! and heartbreakers
song*s*. Back at one -- bryan mcknight
quote. there's always that one person that will make you relize why it never did really work out wiht anyone else.
store*s*. weathervane (the old one) and holister
places to hang out. mall! uptown
character from mean girls. Karen lol

||*Your opinion of*||
Laguna Beach. I LOVE IT!!! however, it makes me sad because this year i have to decide where to go to highschool. i might go to a privite highschool .. and laguna beach makes me think about how much i want to spend graduation with everyone ive grown up with.
The OC. Well i havent watched it since the beginning ... so im starting to get it .. but i like it .
School. I only like school because i get to be with my friends .. yah learning is good. but i love my friends
ex boyfriends. hopefully you remain friends with them .. ik am i better friends now with some of my x boyfriends
plastic surgery. you should be happy with yourself ... and how you look .. i dont think people should get plastic surgery
abortion. Thats tough. I think that you shouldnt put yourself before a baby ... you shouldnt want to kill your child. But at the same time i dont think teenagers should havge to raise a child and be responsible for another life. However if they are stupid enough to get pregnant at that age they should facfe the consiquences.
gay marriage. I have no problem with it. You cant help who you love and people that love each other should be abloe to get married
the election. I like George W. Bush

Have you cheated on someone? NOO!! never!!!
Have you been cheated on? not that i know of
who is your role model? my mom
Who do you consider *pretty*? (Someone other than yourself, post a picture. Friend, family member, celebrity). I THINK JESSICA SIMPSON IS GORGOUS!!

* i dont know how to promote or post pictures ... could someone please help me
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