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Name. Sanne
birthday. 5th August
age. 12
location. Norway
status. Single
hobbies. Talk, friends, fun, computer, sports.. etc.

color. Purple
tv show. That 70's show, one tree hill, the OC
band/singers. Katy Rose, the Donnas, Natasha Bendingfield
actor. Jake Gylenhaal
actress. Lindsay Lohan, Sophia Bush and Hilarie Burton
movie*s*. Mean Girls, crazy / Beautiful
song*s*. Unwritten - Natasha Bendingfield, Overdrive - Katy Rose
quote. It can't hurt to try!
store*s*. Well, only norwegian . One called BikBok, and one called Glitter
places to hang out. the supermarket
character from mean girls. Cady

||*Your opinion of*||
Laguna Beach. Like it.. Not a big fan, but it's fun
The OC. Love it! it showes so many important things
School. Well, you gotta go through it..
ex boyfriends. Try to stay friends with 'em, and I have made it.. ;)
plastic surgery. That's a no-no, if you don't feel extremly bad about yourself..
abortion. The woman should deside about their own body
gay marriage. Love whoever you want! It's love!
the election. Vote or die.. At least try to make up a mind about it.. It's important for you and your people

Have you cheated on someone? no
Have you been cheated on? no
who is your role model? mom.
Who do you consider *pretty*? (Someone other than yourself, post a picture. Friend, family member, celebrity)

||*Promote in at least 2 places post the links*||

||*at least 3 clear pics of yourself*||
I'm not pretty.. :S

That's pretty much it.. promise I won't be annoying.. ;)
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